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TaxonChecked: verified by a taxonomic editorPachymatisma johnstonia (Bowerbank in Johnston, 1842)
GeounitSouthern Norway (Marine Ecoregion of the World (MEOW))  (inaccurate)
UnacceptreasonThis concerns Pachymatisma normani
Valid taxonChecked: verified by a taxonomic editorPachymatisma normani Sollas, 1888
Unaccept SourceCárdenas, P.; Xavier, J.; Tendal, O.S.; Schander, C.; Rapp, H.T. 2007. Redescription and resurrection of Pachymatisma normani (Demospongiae, Geodiidae), with remarks on the genus Pachymatisma. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 87 (6), 1511-1525. [details]
Original sourceBurton, M. 1931d. The Folden Fiord. Report on the sponges collected by Mr. Soot-Ryven in the Folden Fiord in the year 1923. Tromsø Museum Skrifter 1 (13): 1-8. [details]
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