Amphipoda note details

Although Sheard (1936) did not provide an etymology of Quasimodia, J.L. Barnard (1972) mentioned that this genus-group name was from Quasimodo—a fictional hunchbacked character in Victor Hugo’s novel, and referred to the dorsal hump on pereonite 1 of the originally included three species. Thus, the generic name is deemed to be derived from the name of Quasimodo. Sheard (1936) did not state the gender of his genus-group name and it is not possible to tell from his original publication (his three included species-group names comprise two patronyms and a noun). As he used the Latin suffix –ia, it is reasonable to assume that the gender of the name Quasimodia should be treated as feminine as well.
Nakano, T.; Lowry, J. K. (2019). The correct authorship of the amphipod genus-group name <em>Quasimodia</em> (Senticaudata: Hyaloidea: Phliantidae). <em>Zootaxa.</em> 4671(3): 449-450. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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