Amphipoda note details

Taxonomic remark
Chevreux (1925a) described the new species L. serratum. However, this name is a homonym of L. serratum Stephensen, 1925. In an erratum slip, issued with his second paper on the amphipods collected during the voyages of the schooner Melita, Chevreux (1925b) recognised this homonymy and proposed the new name L. crenulatum. Gurjanova (1938), apparently unaware of Chevreux' s correction, introduced the replacement name L. chevreuxi which has been used since. Based on priority, Lepidepecreum crenulatum is the valid name for the species.
Gurjanova, E. (1938). Amphipoda, Gammaroidea zalikov Siaukhu i Sudzukhe (Yaponskoe More). [Amphipoda, Gammaroidea of Siaukhu Bay and Sudzukhe Bay (Japan Sea)]. <em>Reports of the Japan Sea Hydrobiological Expedition of the Zoological Institute of the Academy of Sciences USSR in 1934.</em> 1: 241-404, 59 figs. OpenAccess publication
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