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Boxshall, G. (2001). Copepoda (excl. Harpacticoida), in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 252-268
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Acartia Dana, 1846 (basis of record)
Acartia centrura Giesbrecht, 1889 represented as Acartia (Odontacartia) centrura Giesbrecht, 1889 (basis of record)
Acartia danae Giesbrecht, 1889 represented as Acartia (Acartia) danae Giesbrecht, 1889 (basis of record)
Acartia negligens Dana, 1849 represented as Acartia (Acartia) negligens Dana, 1849 (basis of record)
Acartiidae Sars G.O., 1903 (basis of record)
Acontiophorus Brady, 1880 (basis of record)
Acrocalanus Giesbrecht, 1888 (basis of record)
Acrocalanus gibber Giesbrecht, 1888 (basis of record)
Acrocalanus longicornis Giesbrecht, 1888 (basis of record)
Aetideidae Giesbrecht, 1892 (basis of record)
Aetideopsis Sars G.O., 1903 (basis of record)
Aetideopsis carinata Bradford, 1969 (basis of record)
Aetideus Brady, 1883 (basis of record)
Aetideus acutus Farran, 1929 (basis of record)
Aetideus armatus (Boeck, 1872) (basis of record)
Agetus Krøyer, 1849 (basis of record)
Agetus flaccus (Giesbrecht, 1891) (basis of record)
Alebion Krøyer, 1863 (basis of record)
Alebion carchariae Krøyer, 1863 (basis of record)
Amallothrix Sars G.O., 1925 (basis of record)
Amallothrix arcuata (Sars G.O., 1920) (basis of record)
Amallothrix emarginata (Farran, 1905) accepted as Pseudoamallothrix emarginata (Farran, 1905) (basis of record)
Amallothrix gracilis (Sars G.O., 1905) (basis of record)
Amallothrix paravalida (Brodsky, 1950) (basis of record)
Anthosoma Leach, 1816 (basis of record)
Anthosoma crassum (Abildgaard, 1794) (basis of record)
Archescolecithrix Vyshkvartzeva in Vyskvartzeva, 1989 (basis of record)
Archescolecithrix auropecten (Giesbrecht, 1893) (basis of record)
Arietellidae Sars G.O., 1902 (basis of record)
Arietellus Giesbrecht, 1893 (basis of record)
Arietellus simplex Sars G.O., 1905 (basis of record)
Artotrogidae Brady, 1880 (basis of record)
Ascidicolidae Thorell, 1859 (basis of record)
Asterocheres Boeck, 1859 (basis of record)
Asterocheres genodon Stock, 1966 (basis of record)
Asterocheres mucronipes Stock, 1960 accepted as Stockmyzon mucronipes (Stock, 1960) accepted as Stockmyzon crassus Bandera & Huys, 2008 (basis of record)
Asterocheridae Giesbrecht, 1899 (basis of record)
Augaptilidae Sars G.O., 1905 (basis of record)
Augaptilus Giesbrecht, 1889 (basis of record)
Augaptilus cornutus Wolfenden, 1911 (basis of record)
Augaptilus glacialis Sars G.O., 1900 (basis of record)
Batheuchaeta Brodsky, 1950 (basis of record)
Batheuchaeta lamellata Brodsky, 1950 (basis of record)
Bathycalanus Sars G.O., 1905 (basis of record)
Bathycalanus bradyi (Wolfenden, 1905) (basis of record)
Bathycalanus princeps (Brady, 1883) accepted as Elenacalanus princeps (Brady, 1883) (basis of record)
Bathycalanus richardi Sars G.O., 1905 (basis of record)
Bathypontia Sars G.O., 1905 accepted as Temorites Sars G.O., 1900 (basis of record)
Bathypontia elongata Sars G.O., 1905 accepted as Temorites elongata (Sars G.O., 1905) (basis of record)
Bathypontia sarsi Grice & Hulsemann, 1965 accepted as Temorites sarsi (Grice & Hulsemann, 1967) (basis of record)
Bathypontia spinifera Scott A., 1909 accepted as Temorites spinifera (Scott A., 1909) (basis of record)
Bathypontiidae Brodsky, 1950 (basis of record)
Boxshallia Huys, 1988 (basis of record)
Boxshallia bulbantennulata Huys, 1988 (basis of record)
Brachiella Cuvier, 1830 (basis of record)
Bradycalanus Scott A., 1909 (basis of record)
Bradycalanus sarsi (Farran, 1939) accepted as Megacalanus sarsi Farran, 1939 accepted as Bradycalanus typicus Scott A., 1909 (basis of record)
Bradyetes Farran, 1905 (basis of record)
Bradyidius Giesbrecht, 1897 (basis of record)
Bradyidius bradyi (Sars G.O., 1903) accepted as Bradyidius armatus (Vanhöffen, 1897) (basis of record)
Bradypontius Giesbrecht, 1895 (basis of record)
Calanidae Dana, 1849 (basis of record)
Calanoides Brady, 1883 (basis of record)
Calanoides carinatus (Krøyer, 1849) (basis of record)
Calanopia Dana, 1852 (basis of record)
Calanopia elliptica (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)
Calanus Leach, 1816 (basis of record)
Calanus finmarchicus (Gunnerus, 1770) (basis of record)
Caligidae Burmeister, 1835 (basis of record)
Caligus Müller O.F., 1785 (basis of record)
Caligus lichiae Brian, 1906 (basis of record)
Calocalanus Giesbrecht, 1888 (basis of record)
Calocalanus contractus Farran, 1926 (basis of record)
Calocalanus elegans Shmeleva, 1965 (basis of record)
Calocalanus fusiformis Shmeleva, 1978 (basis of record)
Calocalanus pavo (Dana, 1852) (basis of record)
Calocalanus styliremis Giesbrecht, 1888 (basis of record)
Cancerilla Dalyell, 1851 (basis of record)
Cancerilla tubulata Dalyell, 1851 (basis of record)
Cancerillidae Giesbrecht, 1897 (basis of record)
Candacia Dana, 1846 (basis of record)
Candacia armata Boeck, 1872 (basis of record)
Candacia bipinnata (Giesbrecht, 1889) (basis of record)
Candacia curta (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)
Candacia elongata (Boeck, 1872) (basis of record)
Candacia ethiopica (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)
Candacia longimana (Claus, 1863) (basis of record)
Candacia pachydactyla (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)
Candacia tenuimana (Giesbrecht, 1889) (basis of record)
Candaciidae Giesbrecht, 1893 (basis of record)
Cardiodectes Wilson C.B., 1917 (basis of record)
Cardiodectes bellottii (Richiardi, 1882) (basis of record)
Cecropidae Dana, 1852 accepted as Pandaridae Milne Edwards, 1840 (basis of record)
Cecrops Leach, 1816 (basis of record)
Centraugaptilus Sars G.O., 1920 (basis of record)
Centraugaptilus cucullatus (Sars G.O., 1905) (basis of record)
Centraugaptilus horridus (Farran, 1908) (basis of record)
Centropages Krøyer, 1849 (basis of record)
Centropages brachiatus (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)
Centropages calaninus (Dana, 1849) (basis of record)