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Rocha, R. M. D.; Costa, L. V. G. (2005). Ascidians (Urochordata: Ascidiacea) from Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Iheringia. Série Zoologia. 95(1).
10.1590/s0073-47212005000100009 [view]
Rocha, R. M. D.; Costa, L. V. G.
Ascidians (Urochordata: Ascidiacea) from Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Iheringia. Série Zoologia
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Simple and colonial ascidians were collected at different depths at Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, between 2000 and 2003. The collection here presented includes representatives of the families Clavelinidae (Clavelina oblonga), Polycitoridae (Cystodytes dellechiajei), Polyclinidae (Polyclinum constellatum and Polyclinum molle sp. nov.), Holozoidae (Distaplia bermudensis), Ascidiidae (Ascidia sydneiensis and Phallusia nigra), Styelidae (Botrylloides giganteum, Botrylloides nigrum, Symplegma brakenhielmi, Symplegma rubra, Polyandrocarpa anguinea, Eusynstyela floridana, Eusynstyela tincta and Styela plicata), Pyuridae (Herdmania pallida and Microcosmus exasperatus). Didemnids were also collected in the area but were not considered here. Of the 17 species found, one (Polyclinum molle sp. nov.) is a new species in the family Polyclinidae and the others are all species with tropical distribution.
America, South
South West Atlantic ( =only warm temperate; cold temperate see *SUB)
Western Atlantic warm temperate to tropical
Systematics, Taxonomy
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