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Based on studies of ribosomal genes, species of the so-called tamarense group fall into 5 groups. It has been suggested that each group should be considered a separate species. Group I contains several morphospecies, including A. catenella, A. tamarense and (John et al. 2014). It has been suggested that Group I should be named A. fundyense (John et al 2014). If the ribospecies concept is accepted for the tamarense group, it has serious implications for the naming of many isolates, and studies on additional genes are needed to confirm or refute the above suggestion. Material from the type locality of A. tamarense is not part of Group I. However, both the type localities of A. catenella and A. fundyense fall into the geographical distribution of Group I. It has been proposed formally to the Nomenclature Committee for Algae (John et al. 2014) that the junior name A. fundyense should be applied to group I. In contrast, Fraga et al. (2015) maintained that the oldest name A. catenella has priority and should be used. The proposal to use the name fundyense was rejected by the Nomenclature Committee, and if the two taxa are considered to belong to the same species, then the oldest name A. catenella must be used (Prud'homme van Reine 2017).
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John, U., Litaker, R. Wayne, Montresor, M., Murray, S., Brosnahan, M.L. & Anderson, D.M. (2014). Proposal to reject the name <i>Alexandrium catenella</i> (Dinophyceae). <em>Taxon 63, 932-933.</em>  

Prud'homme van Reine, Willem F. (2017). Report of the Nomenclature Committee for Algae: 15. <em>Taxon.</em> 66(1): 191–192; February 2017. Available for editors  PDF available
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