Foraminifera note details

Montanaro Gallitelli (1955, p. 143): "Schackoina senoniensis (Thalmann), from the upper Senonian Pattenauer marl (Campanian; see Aurouze and de Klasz, 1954) of the Bavarian Alps. The only figure of this species, which is so important stratigraphically was given by Egger (1900) under the name of Siderolina cenomana Schacko. In 1932, Thalmann separated Egger's form as a new species, Hantkenina (Schackoina) senoniensis, but did not give any figures. In any case, the figure given by Egger (1900, pl. 21, fig. 42) represents a specimen with four less discrete chambers, and the description also indicates a variability of from three to five chambers in the final whorl. Egger's type collection was destroyed during World War II. De Klasz (Aurouze and de Klasz, 1954) did not collect samples from the type locality of Pattenau, but in the upper Campanian marl of Disselbach, east of Grub, on the Traun River, near Eisenarzt, he discovered specimens supposedly corresponding to Egger's species, and attributed them with doubt to Hastigerinella (Hastigerinoides) rohri Bronnimann. Because of the difference in the two localities, we cannot determine the identity of Egger's (and Thalmann's) species."
Montanaro Gallitelli, E. (1955). Schackoina from the Upper Cretaceous of the northern Apennines, Italy. <em>Micropaleontology.</em> 1(2): 141-145. Available for editors  PDF available [request]
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