Foraminifera note details

First it is important to understand that from a formal point of view (ICZN), Fornasini is the author of the species not d'Orbigny (nomen nudum). The authority should be Fornasini, 1903. [I voluntarly quoted all the nomina nuda from d'Orbigny (1826): "d'Orbigny in X, date" to garanty a certain "traceability" in the hope of avoiding more confusion.] Therefore all the elements given by Fornasini (1903) are part of the definition of the species: d'Orbigny's unpublished figure and the reference to the figures of Brady: "La quale, evidentemente, è anch'essa inseparabile da l'A. lessonii ("thicker variety often more inequilateral" di Brady): The "thicker variety often more inequilateral" of A. lessonii refers to the figure 5 and 6 plate 111 of Brady (1884), which Pamela Hallock Muller said to be A. lessonii (6 with a ?). A. madagascariensis is not a nomen nudum but more than probably a subjective junior synonym of A. lessonii. In my opinion Larsen (1976) only focused on d'Orbigny's figures maybe not having Fornasini's publication? Le Coze (2019) pers. comm. Comment by Pamela Harlock Muller (2019) pers. comm.: "Pretty straightforward evidence of the variability in A. lessonii, isn't it!"
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